Naruto Shippuden Deidara Figure

This Deidara Figure represents the powerful Akatsuki Member, an S-rank missing-nin from Iwagakure, who lost his bet against Itachi Uchiha and had to join the Criminal Organization.
After performing the Iwagakure Kinjutsu on himself, he grew a mouth on both of his palms, and on the left side of his body, he had a sizeable curved mouth.
He utilized this kinjutsu to extend his Explosion Release, a Kekkei Genkai that simultaneously uses earth and lightning chakra natures and gives his chakra explosive qualities, to his clay, and created his signature Explosive Clay.

  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 26cm (10.23")
  • High-Quality Design
  • Detailed Finishing
  • By Animation Source: JAPAN
  • FREE International Shipping